Part-time IT guru 

We have an immediate need for a skilled and dedicated person to assist in development, maintenance and support of our internal IT systems.

You will be involved in building and maintaining the computer infrastructure that supports our core research and development efforts. You will work hands-on with our engineers to develop new tools that let them capture, integrate, analyse and visualise data from multiple systems. 

The job also includes basic IT support for the company's nine full-time employees, and administration of the company IT systems. 

What we offer

  • Work experience in a rapidly growing company
  • A healthy mix of challenging and simple tasks, adjusted to your skill level
  • Flexible work hours and competitive salary (equivalent to stud.ass. position at NTNU)

Your profile

  • You are a student at NTNU in Trondheim, 1st to 4th year
  • You have a track record of independently identifying and solving challenging problems, but have nothing against simple IT-support tasks
  • You have experience with
    • Programming (e.g. go/pearl/python/java/C/C++)
    • Linux
    • Scripting (bash/sh)
    • Simple web design (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • You have a track record of helping others
  • Ability to communicate well in English, both written and spoken


Submit a short application and resume in English to

Please include relevant links to e.g. stack overflow, github, stack exchange forums or work you've done.