The work will entail a range of duties, including small volume chemical mixing (nl, µl), sensor fabrication and testing. 
Candidate profile:

  • Bachleor degree in a scientific or engineering field (organic chemistry, biology, physics, nanotech, materials science, electrical or similar disciplines)

  • Two to five years of industry experience (such as medical devices, chemistry lab, nanotech, microchip fabrication or micro-assembly)

  • Excellent skills and habits (attention to detail, accurate work and documentation, etc.) and experience with generally accepted laboratory practice

  • Assembly of delicate components under a microscope (40x - 100x mag.)

  • Handling optical fibers

  • Use of common lab instruments and custom mechanical fixtures

  • Discipline to follow SOPs (standard operating procedures)

  • Excellent communication skills and experience summarizing work

  • Able to communicate well in English, written and spoken

Candidates must have a desire to work in a culture that fosters team spirit, innovation, and a can-do attitude. It is also necessary to have the ability to work independently or with minimal supervision, in a team setting, and perform multiple simultaneous tasks.

The position is full-time and permanent. Salaries are competitive.

Please submit your application in English to