The GlucoSet team consists of a number of specialists in the various technology fields and healthcare, with careful guidance from experts with deep insight in the science behind the technology and its application.


All stock in GlucoSet is owned by the employees, board members or the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  

Jan Sollid (chairman) has over 20 years of experience from the medical device industry, including from GE Healthcare. 


Eivind Andersen is a former medtech entrepreneur who has overseen the commercialization of a number of healthcare innovations at the tech transfer office of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.



Jørgen Nilsen represents the majority shareholder and is an experienced early-stage investor with board and investor experience from life science startups and other technology startups. 


Kjell Arne Ingebrigtsen, PhD is the founder of Vingmed GE and remained CEO for 20 years before the acquisition by GE. In recent years he has been a board member or advisor to a series of Norwegian medtech startups.


Reinold Ellingsen, PhD is one of the inventors behind the GlucoSet technology platform, and has worked on the technology since 1998. He was CEO for 12 years of InvivoSense ASA, a publicly traded medtech company that developed prostate cancer diagnostics.  


Erik Fuglseth, PhD is a biotech entrepreneur with a background in organic chemistry and university spin-offs from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 


Our advisory board is hand-picked with international experts that give valuable external input on external issues. 

Peter Nissen Jørgensen is former VP for business development of Novo Nordisk AS, a big player in the diabetes market. He has more than 20 years experience with medtech business development and is now Senior Consultant at the Danish medtech management consultancy firm, tto AS.

Marcus Schultz, MD PhD is a professor in experimental intensive care medicine at the University of Amsterdam, and is involved in implementation of new strategies and technologies in modern ICUs. He has co-authored more than 300 published papers. 

Fedrico Bilotta, MD PhD is a recognized anasthesiologist working within critical care and pain medicine at the 'Sapienza' University of Rome and has published more than 70 papers in recognized journals, among other things on glycemic control in the ICU.


GlucoSet has been supported directly or through the Norwegian University of Science and Technology by the following entities: