Improved patient care

High or low blood glucose increases the risk of death or complications. Normalizing glucose improves outcomes, if harmful extremes can be avoided.


Reduced ICU costs

Reducing length of stay and complications has a significant and beneficial impact on the costs of the intensive care units (ICU).


An unsolved problem

Over $500 million has been spent trying to make continuous glucose monitoring possible in the ICU, but the problem remains unsolved. 


Minimally invasive

By accessing through an indwelling arterial catheter without disrupting that catheter's current use, the GlucoSet sensor requires no new catheters and displaces no other equipment. 



The arterial access makes the GlucoSet sensor less susceptible to coagulation and sensitivity to intravenous nutrition. Unlike competing solutions, the sensor also tolerates patient movement very well.  


Easy to adopt

The product can be set up by nurses without advance planning, available in minutes after the decision has been made to monitor glucose.  

An indwelling vascular sensor, particularly one as accurate as [the GlucoSet prototype], should be viewed as a significant advancement.
— Inzucchi & Kosiborod, editors of Anesthesiology in 2011, on published GlucoSet data

The GlucoSet continuous blood glucose monitoring is currently in development, currently in the preclinical stage. Read more about the technology here.


Unprecedented small

With a sensor cross sectional area under 5% of the smallest competing product, GlucoSet is the first sensor able to access through arterial catheters without risk.


Low complexity

With a simple system design that relies on few and commercially available components, the GlucoSet system is optimized for low-cost mass production.




Strong IPR protection

GlucoSet's technology platform and the manufacturing process is covered by granted patents, and the company is actively expanding the patent portfolio.



Executive team

The GlucoSet core team has both expert researchers and the necessary understanding of the medical field. Through seasoned technical advisors, the team has access to years of know-how and knowledge. 


The board members contribute to the company with years of experience from medtech entrepreneurship and business development.

Advisory board

The advisory board consists of international experts within their fields, either as clinical experts or in medtech business development.

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